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Partnering with our customers to unlock the full business value of ICT and ensure top class delivery of project portfolios whilst managing the change



Flexco’s founder, Jo Macken is a seasoned Business and ICT professional with 35+ years experience.


Past careers have been in small and medium sized companies as well as in multinational organizations both in Business (Finance and Logistics responsibilities) and in ICT (CIO and Program Director positions) working with local and multinational teams across Europe, Asia and the USA.


Jo is now an independant consultant offering his expertise on the market and working in a network of similar grade consultants to provide a wide offering of competencies.


We have a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach focused on incremental improvements and quick-wins and work for medium sized businesses as well as large organizations.


Boechoutsesteenweg 166 Bus 2 

2540 - Hove


Tel: +32 (0)3 480.69.42

Mobile : +32 (0)476 485.925

LinkedIn :

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