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It is very important that ICT Strategy is paired & aligned to the Business Strategy and it's Objectives. ICT can be an enabler or inhibitor of Business Objectives depending on how it it implemented and managed. Governance is needed to ensure that the roadmap is correctly managed and deliverables are produced at the required time with the required quality. In this area we can help with Interim Executive activities and deliver support for PMO, Change Management and Project Management

Linking the CEO agenda with the CIO agenda
The cornerstones of success



Any expenditure made in ICT, for infrastructure or applications alike should provide tangible benefits to an organization, its users and its customers. ICT is only as good as its application to people and organizations.


Strategic ICT is about leadership, attitude and belief. New systems take time to implement and incrust in the organization, costing money, causing disruption and potentially cause chaos if not properly managed. Managing change is fundamental to the success of ICT.


The ICT strategy is developed in several stages :


  1. Develop a vision and mission adhering to the corporate vision and mission

  2. Assemble a team of professionals capable of formulating and implementing the ICT strategy

  3. Define Business context and formulate ICT strategy aligned with Business goals and objectives

  4. Define Applications and Technology

  5. Define Communications and Connectivity

  6. Define ICT support

  7. Define Governance

  8. Define Budget

  9. Define implementation phases, tactical and operational plans

  10. Change Management

Our ERP services assist you in selecting and implementing the right software for your organization as a neutral, non-product linked partner.

We provide following services :

  1. -Define the goals and objectives of the future ERP

  2. -Produce RFI/RFQ/RFP document

  3. -Evaluate tenders

  4. -Select correct solution

  5. -Implement the solution through solid project management, independent from the ERP vendor

  6. -Change Management and Governance during the implementation cycle

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